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OWNERS since 2021

The Journey so far

Build with the next generation

In November of 2021, Darren and Lindsay made a significant leap in their entrepreneurial journey by acquiring Flamboro Machine Shop from Lindsay's parents. This strategic move marked the transition of the business into the hands of the second generation, symbolizing continuity, growth, and a legacy of success.

Their commitment to sustaining and expanding the shop showcases the resilience, adaptability, and forward-thinking mindset characteristic of successful multi-generational enterprises.

In essence, Darren and Lindsay's acquisition of Flamboro Machine Shop exemplifies the narrative of continuity and growth inherent in family-owned businesses. Their journey embodies the ethos of passing the torch while also igniting new flames of innovation and progress, ensuring that the legacy endures and flourishes in the hands of the next generation.

01. About Darren
18+ Years Experience

Owner, Machinist

Darren has 18+ years of experience as a machinist. Through high school and college and working in other shops, Darren learned about the ins and outs of the machining industry. He joined the FMS team in May of 2013. As he has transitioned into the role of owner, he has learned many valuable skills of management and has shown great leadership

John Van Wyngaarden, father-in-law to Darren and former owner, will continue to work alongside Darren for the foreseeable future, which holds great value for the transition in ownership for owners and long-time customer relationships. Together they plan to expand the business, while keeping the small business feeling that everyone has experienced for the last 30+ years.

02. About Lindsay
11+ years Experience

Owner, Admin

Lindsay, Darren's wife, and daughter of John and Lee Van Wyngaarden has been working within the family business since 2012. Though a lot has changed with a growing family of
their own, she keeps a finger on the pulse of the ever changing atmosphere at Flamboro Machine Shop. She is also the head of administration and accounts department at Flamboro Machine Shop.


1992 - 2021

How We Started

Built on a strong foundation

Flamboro Machine Shop was established in 1992 by John Van Wyngaarden. He began his business in his garage with himself and hired one other employee. By 1995 the business had grown, and relocated up the road to a new and bigger property. Soon after in 1999, the business grew even more and an addition to the shop was built. John and Lee were blessed to have their business run on the same property as their house, because they were able to be home when kids were home, but still working and building a business. John and Lee have been married for over 30 years, with three grown kids, and a beautiful property to call home in Flamborough, ON. As of 2021, the business continues to thrives under the leadership of Darren and Lindsay.

03. About John
40+ years Experience

25+ Years business owner

John has 40+ years experience as a machinist with over 3 decades as a business owner. He still enjoys working with local farmers from time to time on machinery breakdowns, because they got him started back in the early days of FMS. John currently does all quoting, pricing, purchasing, and project management for the business.

04. About Lee
30+ years Experience

Nurse, Business Owner, Office Admin, Mother

Lee’s background as a nurse ended shortly after the business got going, because she was working days as the office admin and night shifts as a nurse, with two young kids at home.

our capability

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As a family-owned business, we prioritize relationships with our clients, ensuring that every project receives the attention and expertise it deserves.

"Actualize the Precision Machining, Fabrication, and Assembly of the Machine Components You've Always Wanted!"

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Owners & Operators

Flamboro Machine Shop’s dedication to N299.3 compliance and service across multiple industries highlights its commitment to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction.