Merry Christmas Dinner


Flamboro Machine Shop finished off the year with a Christmas dinner anyone would be jealous of! Smoked ribs by John, chicken wings and fries, and Caesar salad to top it off.  The guys left feeling quite stuffed, ready to take on the holidays!

We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Safe, Healthy and Happy New Year!

See you in 2017!!  Cheers!


Sometimes things don’t always go as planned, like when the dump bin dumps in the yard rather than the scrap bin…..

We like to have fun here at FMS and treat each other like family, which means tease each other relentlessly about little things that go wrong.  You have to have fun when you work together 40+ hours a week!


Welcome to our new page!

Welcome to FMS website! This is our first post on our new website! We are thrilled to be able to post updates, closures, and general information here for all to see.  Please stay tuned as we feature some of our projects, machines, and employees here at FMS.