Flamboro Machine Shop was established in 1992 by John Van Wyngaarden.  He began his business in his garage with himself and hired one other employee.  By 1995 the business had grown, and relocated up the road to a new and bigger property.  Soon after in 1999, the business grew even more and an addition to the shop was built.  Today, the business still thrives in this building.

John & Lee Van Wyngaarden – Owners


Owners John & Lee Van Wyngaarden

John has 40+ years experience as a machinist, nearly 25 years as a business owner.  He still enjoys working with local farmers from time to time on machinery breakdowns, because they got him started back in the early days of FMS.  John currently does all quoting, pricing, purchasing, and project management for the business.

Lee’s background as a nurse ended shortly after the business got going, because she was working days as the office admin and night shifts as a nurse, with two young kids at home.

John and Lee were blessed to have their business run on the same property as their house, because they were able to be home when kids were home, but still working and building a business.  John and Lee have been married for over 30 years, with three grown kids, and a beautiful property to call home in Flamborough, ONT, as seen below.

john@flamboromachineshop.ca 905.659.0404

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Brad Jansen, CNC Lathe and CNC Mill Operator

Brad has recently joined FMS in 2017 and is a great fit for our family!  He is great at what he does on CNC Lathe, and is picking up CNC Mill with ease.

Curt Roberton, Custom Lathe Machining, Motor Specialist

Curt has been with FMS the longest! Since May 1996.  Curt can be found machining on his lathe in the back of the shop most days, as he is a wiz at manual machining.

Darren McLennan – Shop Foreman, CNC Lathe and CNC Mill Operator

Darren came to FMS in 2013 from London, ON where he completed his machinist apprenticeship out of Fanshawe College.  He is currently John’s right-hand man on the shop floor.

John McIlwraith, Welding and Custom Lathe Machining

There isn’t much that John can’t do with a welder!  He has incredible skills when it comes to this trade.  In our shop, we call him Farmer John, to distinguish between the two Johns.

Rachel Nancekivell – Office Secretary

Rachel is John and Lee’s middle child. She joins the team to fill in as secretary while Lindsay is on her second mat-leave.  See our blog post about her future plans!  But for now she is here to save the day!

Lindsay McLennan – Office Admin / Accounts

Lindsay McLennan is John’s oldest daughter, and has been working  for the company for 7+ years and is more often behind the scenes.  March 2019 she will be on maternity leave with her two kids.


Tim VanHoeve, CNC Operator and Manual Machining

Tim is our apprentice. He will be attending classes in the Fall of 2017.  Tim is hard-working and tries new things every day to expand his knowledge of the machining world.

Tyler Marshall, CNC Boring Mill Operator

Tyler runs our big boring mill at FMS.  The biggest, baddest jobs go to Tyler.  This machine is always busy, with jobs lined up ready to go.