The New Voice of FMS

“Flamboro Machine Shop, Rachel Speaking” 

We’ve hired FOUR new members of the team! John’s second daughter, Rachel, will be joining FMS at the start of May. She is a package deal, as her three dogs will also be joining us most days. You’ll find Oliver the dachshund hunting all day in the gardens, Raven the great dane lounging in the sun, and Gabby, the other great dane, presumably wreaking havoc around the shop. Rachel comes to us with a background in accounting and finance so we’re excited for her to join the team and learn the ropes in the machining industry!

Rachel’s position at the company will be temporary, as her sister Lindsay will be returning from mat leave sometime near the end of 2019. At that time, Rachel and her husband Terry will be gearing up to open their own company. Through 2019 they will be transforming a barn on their property near Carlisle and opening The Ridge, a luxury dog daycare and kennel. The Ridge will also open a loft where clients can come to work remotely with their dog! If you’d like to follow updates on their progress, you can follow @theridgekennels on Instagram or The Ridge on Facebook.



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