Since 1992


We would like to thank EVERYONE who came out to support our 25th Anniversary Celebration! We estimate about 250 people dropped in throughout the day and evening.  The party was a great success, and we thank each and every one of you for being a part of this business!

A little History:

Back in 1992, John started his own machining business in a little shop out behind his house.  At that time, John and Lee lived at 1024 Brock Road.  John did machining in the evenings, after his full time job, and Lee worked as a nurse by night, and a book-keeper by day.  Things were always busy, and it wasn’t long before John took the huge risk of quitting a full time job and going completely out on his own with FMS.

They eventually outgrew the little shop and moved up the road to 952 Brock Road into a bigger building.  But it wasn’t long and they had to build onto this building to make more space as they expanded.

FMS is still located here today, with many upgrades and new machines over the years.  John’s daughter and son-in-law, Darren and Lindsay McLennan, and his son Eric Van Wyngaarden all work within the company, as well as a wonderful staff you can read about in the About Us page.

We are very blessed to have had this many years, and hope for many more to come!


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