Sometimes things don’t always go as planned, like when the dump bin dumps in the yard rather than the scrap bin…..

We like to have fun here at FMS and treat each other like family, which means tease each other relentlessly about little things that go wrong.  You have to have fun when you work together 40+ hours a week!


3 thoughts on “Mishaps

  1. W Neil Watson says:

    retired machine shop owner now 92 just fascinated with your ad(been there done that) before comp. equipment. sorry just gabbing!


  2. Bill Lensink 416-275 Main St. E. Grimsby. L3M5N8 says:

    Hi, John and Lee.
    Our congratulations with this milestone of 25 years of successful machining and fabricating services. But especially for 25 years without a serious accident or injury, for which the Ministry of Labour would issue a hefty fine. Our memories go back to the time before you started on your own, to the days of John Stolk on Wentworth St. when you guys did a lot of amazing, brilliant and VERY professional work for us at the MESC at Stelco, when we had to improve the Haulmaster Coil Carriers and increase their capacity to 70.000 lbs. Looking back it is fascinating how you started on your own at exactly the right time when it was still possible to build up a good and reliable customer base. We wish you our Lord’s very best for the future.!!!
    Bill and Jane Lensink


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